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Data Classification
Netwrix Data Classification
Reveal the true value of your data
What can it do for you?

Netwrix Data Classification cures your data-related headaches by providing a single panoramic view of your enterprise content. By seeing which data is valuable, you can organize it in a way that promotes productivity and collaboration. By knowing where sensitive or regulated data is, you can reduce the risk of breaches and satisfy security and privacy requirements with less effort and expense. And by locating and getting rid of redundant and obsolete data, you can reduce storage and management costs. 

This product covers also the following themes: Data TaggingData Detection Features:

Netwrix Data Classification classifies data accurately and automates workflows.

Get accurate data classification results

Gain a better understanding of data patterns specific to your organization. With compound term processing and statistical analysis, you’ll get more relevant results than by relying on keywords and semantic analysis.


Categorize data in a few clicks

Kick off your discovery in minutes with out-of-the-box rules that identify data protected by GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and other regulations. Create custom rules to find other data that matters to your organization.


Streamline taxonomy management

Create and modify taxonomies in a user-friendly interface. Eliminate the need to purchase professional services whenever you need to develop and maintain taxonomies.

Discover specific pieces of content

Find specific data as part of litigation process and locate all personal data related to an individual to comply with data subject access requests without downtime or having to create new rules.


Automate data-related routines

Embed classification information right into the files to improve the accuracy of your DLP or IRM products and streamline data management tasks, such as retaining, archiving or migrating only specific types of data.


Automatically reduce exposure

Protect sensitive files by automatically moving them to a safe area, removing permissions from global access groups and redacting confidential content from documents.

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