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SNMP & Core Monitoring
Agentless System- & Network Monitoring for diverse network environments
What can it do for you?

SNMP is ubiquitous due to its simplicity and lightweight protocol based on UDP. Core monitoring in NetCrunch is based on monitoring connectivity and checking responses from Network Services (PING, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, FTP). NetCrunch supports over 70 network protocols and all SNMP versions (v1,v2c, and v3).

This product covers also the following themes: Hardware and Software Inventory for WindowsMonitoring Logs, Servers, Virtualization and ApplicationsLayer 2 VisualizationTraffic Flow AnalyzerAdvanced ConfigurationAdvanced Monitoring and AlertingIntegration ServicesMonitoring Platform Features:
  • 70+ Network Services

  • Monitoring custom network services

  • SNMP v1,v2c and full v3 support

  • 8700+ pre-compiled MIBs with sources

  • 500+ Vendors supported

  • 60+ SNMP Monitoring Packs

  • Customizable Device SNMP Views

  • Switch Monitoring & Port Mapping

  • Printer Monitoring

  • MIB compiler

  • Cisco IPSLA monitor

  • SNMP Traps & Notifications

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