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Agentless System- & Network Monitoring for diverse network environments
Why try & buy?

Always know what's happening with your critical applications, servers, and network devices. NetCrunch enables IT teams to eliminate performance and technology inefficiencies associated with the reactive and segmented network management approaches. NetCrunch users can stay ahead of disruptions, being able to detect and resolve problems faster, and allocate resources more effectively. On a higher organizational level, this allows IT shops to transition to a preventative, proactive, and unified operations model.

NetCrunch can be configured remotely using Administration Console. Highly optimized remote access protocol (with encryption and compression) gives multiple administrators fast access to NetCrunch data. Multiple NetCrunch servers can be also easily accessed from single workstation.

Multiple sites can be monitored by one central location with a single workstation by central IT department or remote monitoring service provider.

Product description:


NetCrunch in short

NetCrunch is a comprehensive monitoring system for monitoring networks, devices, operating systems, and applications. It is created by Adrem Software, with offices in New York and Krakow.

What it offers

NetCrunch delivers comprehensive monitoring, through extensive agent-less monitoring, flexible visualization, alerting and policy-based configuration. Totally and customizable. Monitoring can be a tedious task, so NetCrunch does many things for you. Even when you are an expert, you don't have to do everything manually.

Easy to install and configure

NetCrunch installs quickly because no additional software is required, just Windows x64, 3.5GB en 2 Cores. It then will discover your network in minutes and then you can tweak the configuration automatically created for you.

Monitoring packs

NetCrunch is configured mostly by rules (policies). The Monitoring Packs define metrics, triggers, and observed events. You have notification profiles, user profile, action scripts and sensor templates. 

Fast, responsive and scalable

NetCrunch is probably the fastest monitoring system you've ever seen. It's monitoring in production about 400,000 metrics and 30,000 interfaces on a single system which is less than half of the program capacity.

320+ Monitoring Packs, Services, and Sensors

The program includes ready to use sets of monitoring settings, customizable sensors and service monitors for monitoring devices and applications.

8700+ Pre-compiled SNMP MIB modules

Adrem Software collected and compiled thousands of MIB modules from many vendors. You can add more in NetCrunch with a built-in MIB compiler.

500+ Vendors supported out of the box

NetCrunch supports many hardware vendors such as Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM, Nortel and Juniper.


NetCrunch solutions

NetCrunch works with different modules: 'platform', 'snmp & core', 'logs, servers, virtualization, applications', 'hardware and software inventory', 'flow analyzer', 'layer 2 mapping', 'advanced alerting', 'advanced config' and 'integration services'. Adrem Software has bundled several of these for specific needs and called them NetCrunch Solutions. You can choose such solution and add one or more specific modules to it.

Hardware and Software Inventory for Windows (1st of 9 themes)

What can it do for you?

Allows collecting inventory data from Windows through WMI. It collects hardware and software components including a patch list. It adds full support for monitoring Windows machines including Windows Event Log and WMI sensors.

  • Hard & Software Inventory

  • Windows Performance Monitor

  • Windows Event Log Monitor

  • Monitoring Packs for popular

  • Windows applications (Exchange, SQL, Antivirus)

  • 10 WMI Sensors

Monitoring Logs, Servers, Virtualization and Applications (2nd of 9 themes)

What can it do for you?

Add monitoring of operating systems and applications running on Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, and BSD. Monitor ESXi hypervisors, web pages, text logs, SQL queries and more.

  • Server Monitoring with OS Perform Monitors for Windows, Linux, MacOSX, BSD, FreeBSD, Solaris

  • SQL Sensors (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, ODBC)

  • Log Monitoring (Windows, Apache, Log4J, Text logs in custom format)

  • Syslog Server

  • VMware ESXi and Hyper-V monitoring

  • IPMI Sensors (for Dell, HP, IBM and generic)

  • Web/Cloud monitoring

  • Web & HTTP Sensors

  • Over 250+ monitor types including protocols, monitoring packs, and advanced sensors

  • Monitoring Packs for popular applications (e.g. Exchange, SQL)

  • 13 WMI Sensors

Layer 2 Visualization (3rd of 9 themes)

What can it do for you?

Layer 2 Topology Mapping. NetCrunch discovers and presents physical connections between switches and nodes on automatic layer 2 topology maps.

  • Layer 2 topology mapping

  • Automatic Routing Map

  • Monitoring Switch traffic

  • Switch Traffic visualization and reporting

  • VLAN support

Traffic Flow Analyzer (4th of 9 themes)

What can it do for you?

Processes flow data from a range of network devices using such popular flow protocols as IPFix, NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow and others. It supports Cisco NBAR2 and custom application traffic monitoring.

  • Flow Analyzer

  • Visualize traffic for any custom view

  • Supports for IPFix, NetFlow (v5 & v9), sFlow, JFlow, netStream, cFlow, AppFlow, and rFlow

  • Cisco NBAR application monitoring

  • Custom application monitoring

Advanced Configuration (5th of 9 themes)

What can it do for you?

Add the ability to better manage NetCrunch configuration in a large and complex environment. You can manage configuration with templates, policies, and monitoring packs instead of manually changing configuration one by one.

  • Multi-user management

  • Organizational Groups

  • Custom Monitoring

  • Policies Monitoring

  • Templates Dynamic Folders

Advanced Monitoring and Alerting (6th of 9 themes)

What can it do for you?

Set status for redundant connections with Business Status Node and avoid false positives with advanced thresholds and alerting conditions.

  • Advanced Alerting

  • Conditions Business

  • Status Nodes Advanced

  • Thresholds with Baselines

Integration Services (7th of 9 themes)

What can it do for you?

Let NetCrunch integrate with various third-party services such as help desk and other productivity tools. The module also allows you to connect NetCrunch to other NMS if you need to.

  • SNMP Trap & Syslog forwarding

  • Export NetCrunch MIB to integrate with other NMS via SNMP

  • 20+ Help Desk & Productivity Apps integrations (Zendesk, Trello, ConnectWise...)

  • ODBC Driver to access event data

  • Performance Trend Exporter (automatic)

Monitoring Platform (8th of 9 themes)

What can it do for you?

Regardless of what you need to monitor, you need a solid foundation such as event processing, data logic, storage and the presentation. All NetCrunch Platform product builds upon this robust feature set.

  • The Atlas - flexible network database

  • Custom Views, Dashboards and Top Charts

  • Monitoring Dependencies

  • Graphical and intelligent maps

  • GrafCrunch and Grafana plugin

  • Pending Alerts view Alert Escalation

  • 35+ Alerting Actions including remote execution

  • Alert Correlation

  • Desktop, Web, and mobile consoles

SNMP & Core Monitoring (9th of 9 themes)

What can it do for you?

SNMP is ubiquitous due to its simplicity and lightweight protocol based on UDP. Core monitoring in NetCrunch is based on monitoring connectivity and checking responses from Network Services (PING, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, FTP). NetCrunch supports over 70 network protocols and all SNMP versions (v1,v2c, and v3).

  • 70+ Network Services

  • Monitoring custom network services

  • SNMP v1,v2c and full v3 support

  • 8700+ pre-compiled MIBs with sources

  • 500+ Vendors supported

  • 60+ SNMP Monitoring Packs

  • Customizable Device SNMP Views

  • Switch Monitoring & Port Mapping

  • Printer Monitoring

  • MIB compiler

  • Cisco IPSLA monitor

  • SNMP Traps & Notifications

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