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Port Control
Port, device, drive & application control, encryption of media and full disks, and more
What can it do for you?

If you do not control your computer ports, you give the possibility of unauthorized peripheral devices being connected to your computer ports with all associated risks. As well as data transfer from the network to a peripheral device with risk of information theft or leakage, as well as in opposite direction with virus contamination or unwanted private photos in your network. DriveLock Standard gives you complete control over who is authorized to connect which device to your available USB or wireless computer ports.

This product covers also the following themes: Data FilteringDevice ControlAuditing Devices & DrivesEncryption of Full DisksApplication ControlEncryption of Removable MediaNetwork ProfilesShadowing Features:
  • Blocks most port types (USB controllers, PCMCIA controllers controllers 1394/Firewire infrared controllers, serial (COM) and parallel (LPT) ports)

  • Configurable whitelists to authorize access to peripherals (type or model)

  • Separate access lists can be defined for each peripheral device or a group of peripherals

  • Access can be given to users and user groups

  • Full integration with Active Directory and Group Policy

  • Supports other network operating systems (Novell NetWare, Linux)

  • Dynamic policy is enforced when another user logs into the network

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