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Windows 10 & 11 Management
Netwrix PolicyPak
Modern Desktop Management for the “Anywhere” Workforce
What can it do for you?

Configuring Windows 10 & 11 settings to meet your organization's specific requirements is easier said than done. Whether you need to customize the Start Screen for the Accounting group or customize PDF file extensions for the marketing group, configuring Windows 10 & 11 settings is critical for accelerating productivity.

Windows 10 & 11 management has never been so easy because PolicyPak creates, manages, and deploys custom desktop and OS policies quickly and securely. If continuous helpdesk calls or Windows 10 & 11 misconfigurations impact your organization, the PolicyPak Windows 10 & 11 Management Pak is right for you!

This product covers also the following themes: GPO ComplianceGPO Reductions & TransitionsApp Delivery & PatchingDesktop Automation & ConnectivityLeast Privilege ManagementDevice ControlApps, Browsers, & Java Security Features:

The PolicyPak Windows 10 & 11 Management Pak makes it easy to control, deploy, and customize native Windows 10 & 11 desktop settings.


File Association Management

Quickly associate extensions to Windows application, like PDF to Acrobat Reader.


Feature Management

Quickly add or remove Windows classic features and Windows 10 & 11 Optional features. Start Screen


Task Bar Management

Place tiles into desired Start Screen groups and keep them locked.

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