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Netwrix PolicyPak
Modern Desktop Management for the “Anywhere” Workforce
What can it do for you?

Working from home on a full-time or part-time basis is the new normal for Windows users worldwide. Still, most legacy infrastructures don't have the management and delivery capabilities to ensure remote workers stay up-to-date on applications and their patches. By providing you the flexibility to deliver applications and patches outside of the corporate domain, you can ensure greater security, compliance, and productivity.

This product covers also the following themes: GPO ComplianceWindows 10 & 11 ManagementGPO Reductions & TransitionsDesktop Automation & ConnectivityLeast Privilege ManagementDevice ControlApps, Browsers, & Java Security Features:

The PolicyPak App Delivery & Patching Pak secures your work-from-home and remote work environments at scale by enabling you to deploy software over the internet and automatically keep it updated.



Get apps and other files to on-prem or cloud endpoints.



Install software to on-prem or remote machines.



Set policy once, and you're done.



Get patches automatically deployed to endpoints.

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