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Desktop Automation & Connectivity
Netwrix PolicyPak
Modern Desktop Management for the “Anywhere” Workforce
What can it do for you?

Don’t force users to perform their own complicated Windows 10 & 11 desktop processes. Automate them instead. With PolicyPak, you can automate the creation of VPN and Always On VPN connections, automate the creation of RDP files for remote connectivity, and automate how you add printers. You can also map drives and other processes one time or on a trigger.

If you leave these complex Windows 10 & 11 management duties to a user, their work productivity can come to a screeching halt. The Windows 10 & 11 Desktop Automation & Connectivity Pak automates the connections users need and provides you with a powerful scripting & triggering tool. Create, manage, and configure automation policies that prevent users from continuously submitting helpdesk tickets and adding to your workload.

This product covers also the following themes: GPO ComplianceWindows 10 & 11 ManagementGPO Reductions & TransitionsApp Delivery & PatchingLeast Privilege ManagementDevice ControlApps, Browsers, & Java Security Features:

Automates desktop processes and Windows OS configurations.


Scripts & Triggers Automations

Launch scripts based upon the specific triggers you define.


VPN Connection Management

Deploy Always On VPN client configurations easily and quickly.


RDP Connections

Creation Easily create, manage, and deploy RDP files for remote users completely.

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