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GPO Compliance
Netwrix PolicyPak
Modern Desktop Management for the “Anywhere” Workforce
What can it do for you?

Deploying and managing Group Policy settings is difficult, but ensuring that the policies you've deployed "work as they should" in a scalable way is challenging and risky without the right tools. Unless you have a centralized way to determine that policies made it to the endpoint, you're in the dark and might be noncompliant with critical regulations. Know instantly that your Microsoft and PolicyPak settings “made it there” and your computers are adhering to your standards.

This product covers also the following themes: Windows 10 & 11 ManagementGPO Reductions & TransitionsApp Delivery & PatchingDesktop Automation & ConnectivityLeast Privilege ManagementDevice ControlApps, Browsers, & Java Security Features:

With the PolicyPak GPO Compliance Pak, you'll be able to aggregate Resultant Set of Policy Reports (RSoP) for all computers and put them in a simple, insightful, and unified report.

Microsoft Group Policy Results vs PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter:


Microsoft Group Policy Results

Microsoft’s in-box Group Policy Results only tells you the results of ONE USER on any ONE particular machine. It doesn’t express whether that user or system is in compliance with your IT baselines.


PolicyPak Group Policy

Compliance Reporter PolicyPak allows you to define pass/fail settings compliance across your network, providing a metric to test against and remediate.

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