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Encryption of Removable Media
Port, device, drive & application control, encryption of media and full disks, and more
What can it do for you?

Accidental disclosure of sensitive data due to lost or stolen storage devices can be very costly. DriveLock 2GO Edition can give you peace of mind by automatically and transparently encrypting data that’s copied to removable drives. It encrypts data on any mobile device, like USB-stick, CD, DVD, smart phones, PDA.
There are times when employees have a legitimate need to copy data to mobile devices. However, laptop computers, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, smart phones and PDAs are frequently lost. With the comprehensive encryption features of DriveLock 2GO Edition you can be confident that such a loss won’t result in the disclosure of confidential data. From encryption to burning encrypted CDs. DriveLock has the tool to keep your data confidential, no matter what device they're stored on.
If you need to work on your data at home or share files with someone else, the Mobile Encryption Application lets you access your encrypted information even on computers where DriveLock is not installed, and without the need for local administrative rights.
Password recovery for encrypted removable media and container files is easy and flexible. If a user forgets a password, a challenge-response mechanism lets the helpdesk create a pass code that restores access to the user. This works whether user is online or offline and doesn’t require transmitting any administrative credentials.

This product covers also the following themes: Data FilteringDevice ControlPort ControlAuditing Devices & DrivesEncryption of Full DisksApplication ControlNetwork ProfilesShadowing Features:
  • Encrypt data with state-of-the-art encryption (up to 256-bit encryption strength)

  • Choice of industry-standard encryption algorithms (AES, 3DES, Blowfish, etc.)

  • Encrypt data on mobile devices or hard disks

  • Automatic and transparent encryption of data copied to mobile devices

  • Wizard for burning encrypted CDs and DVDs

  • Ability to decrypt data on computers without requiring installation of DriveLock

  • Safe recovery of containers with lost password (online and offline)

When you need to ensure that only encrypted data is stored on these devices, DriveLock 2GO Edition can enforce encryption and monitor data transfers for compliance reporting. 

DriveLock 2GO Edition offers a very affordable option for all used drives (disks) to delete these completely and securely before they are sold or traded. Removes all trace of confidential data on all drives.

Unencrypted confidential data should for safety reasons not to be removed by "standard" features, but special secure deletion software like this. Supports secure deletion algorithms of BSI, U.S. Department of Defense and others. Suitable for hard disks and removable disks of client computers.

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