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Network Detection and Response (NDR)
Integrated signal powering your XDR
What can it do for you?

It let you find attackers hiding in your hybrid network and let you see and stop unknown attacks in minutes You will know when your network is comprimised.


Only Vectra NDR provides:

•Attack Signal Intelligence™

•Exposes the complete attack narrative

•Shares responsibility for 24x7x365 coverage

This product covers also the following themes: Managed Detection and Response (MDR)Cloud Detection and Response for M365Cloud Detection and Response for Public CloudIdentity Threat Detection and Response (IDR) for Azure AD Features:

 Detects and disarms attacks in minutes, no matter where they occur.

• Network Visibility

• No Decryption

• Account Privilege

• AI-driven Detection

• AI-driven Triage

• Targeted Response

• Enriched Metadata 

• Conclusive Investigations

• Integrated Signatures

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