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Encryption of Full Disks
Port, device, drive & application control, encryption of media and full disks, and more
What can it do for you?

DriveLock Full Disk Encryption eliminates the risk of data loss by theft of laptops on which data is not encrypted. DriveLock Full Disk Encryption protects transparently all data on your hard drives without requiring users to change the way they work.
The Rapid Recovery mechanism enables fast and targeted recovery of critical data from a damaged disk. This ensures business continuity by allowing users to continue working on current projects with a minimum of downtime.
DriveLock Full Disk Encryption Edition secures all partitions using FIPS 140-2 certified encryption, including the system partition. Access is controlled using Pre-Boot Authentication. Encryption happens entirely in the background and doesn’t disrupt the use of the computer. Single sign-on lets users log on using their regular Windows credentials and without multiple authentication prompts. Emergency logon and recovery tools ensure that you’re in control, even when the unforeseen happens. Administration is intuitive and simple. All settings are configured using central policies that are controlled by the DriveLock management console. Encryption is monitored by DriveLock Security Reporting Center.
DriveLock has an easy Rapid Recovery mechanism in case of damaged disk or forgotten password.
DriveLock Full Disk encryption has AD/ADAM direct management. AD can be used for management of Windows users. Fully integrated with Windows User Management. Synchronisation with external database is not required. Fast and easy deployment.

This product covers also the following themes: Data FilteringDevice ControlPort ControlAuditing Devices & DrivesApplication ControlEncryption of Removable MediaNetwork ProfilesShadowing Features:
  • Encrypt entire hard drives, including system partition

  • FIPS140-2 encryption

  • Pre-boot authentication with single sign-on

  • Mature tools to decrypt damaged drives

  • One-time logon options for users who forgot a password

  • Support for token and smartcard logon

  • Central administration and monitoring of encryption status

  • DriveLock Full Disk Encryption uses DriveLock Management Console

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