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Inbound Email Security
AI based Email Security
What can it do for you?

It PREVENTS: it blocks targeted inbound email attacks including credential phishing, business email compromise, supply chain fraud, and more.

It DETECTS email account takeover: it stops account takeovers, attacks via third-party applications, and other platform threats.

Its Email Security Operations RESPONDS: fully automated triage and remediation of user-reported emails.

Its Email Security Posture Management PREDICTS: Alerts on high-risk configuration changes to users, apps, and mail tenants.


Cloud-Native API-Based Architecture

  • Installs in seconds with no tuning, setup, or operational overhead.

  • Ingests unique data sets across email messages, Active Directory, collaboration apps, and more


AI-Based Behavioral Anomaly Detection

  • Builds per-user and per-organization behavioral models.

  • Applies behavioral anomaly detection to stop known and emerging attacks.


Unified Architecture for Multi-Channel Protection

  • Protects internal email, email accounts, and email infrastructure.

  • Extends to email-like channels including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. 

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