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Integration Services
Agentless System- & Network Monitoring for diverse network environments
What can it do for you?

Let NetCrunch integrate with various third-party services such as help desk and other productivity tools. The module also allows you to connect NetCrunch to other NMS if you need to.

This product covers also the following themes: Hardware and Software Inventory for WindowsMonitoring Logs, Servers, Virtualization and ApplicationsLayer 2 VisualizationTraffic Flow AnalyzerAdvanced ConfigurationAdvanced Monitoring and AlertingMonitoring PlatformSNMP & Core Monitoring Description:
  • SNMP Trap & Syslog forwarding

  • Export NetCrunch MIB to integrate with other NMS via SNMP

  • 20+ Help Desk & Productivity Apps integrations (Zendesk, Trello, ConnectWise...)

  • ODBC Driver to access event data

  • Performance Trend Exporter (automatic)

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