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Application Monitoring
Agentless System- & Network Monitoring for diverse network environments
What can it do for you?

NetCrunch offers performance monitoring of applications running on Windows or other systems (Linux, NetWare, Unix, etc.). For systems like Windows or NetWare, the program retrieves performance data using system protocols (RPC, WMI, Win API, NCP). For other systems (Unix/Linux and other) SNMP agent can be used.

This product covers also the following themes: Network Discovery & MappingServer MonitoringEvent Management & AlertingAvailability MonitoringPerformance MonitoringStatistics Real-timeTrend AnalysisTreshold MonitoringNetwork Device MonitoringInventory Audit Features:


NetCrunch can monitor applications running on Windows hosts by reading their performance data directly from operating system counters. For each available application counter, users can configure events that trigger notifications or corrective actions. As a result, it is possible to track crucial application services, such as directory services, web, email, database and network services. For example, to track Microsoft Exchange it is necessary to monitor POP3 and SMTP services, some Exchange performance counters and Exchange windows services.


NetCrunch allows performance monitoring of applications running on NetWare servers. Users can setup application-related events on network services like POP, and SMTP to track GroupWise applications. NetCrunch provides an easy way to monitor, alert and report on the performance of all the NLMs. To do that, NetCrunch retrieves performance data from native NetWare counters.

Network Services

The program delivers out of the box monitoring for over 65 TCP/UDP network services and allows defining custom service monitors. Users can monitor almost any application working as a network service by tracking the performance and availability of the service. Performance of service is measured upon: * number of packets sent and received * response time * % packets received and lost * last sent/received time SNMP.

NetCrunch provides extensive monitoring of applications working on the systems that support SNMP v1, v2 or v3. By handling SNMP traps and retrieving information from application-related SNMP monitors, NetCrunch can monitor and alert on metrics such as: * traffic utilization * conversations * error conditions * resource utilization * response time * data captures.

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