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Device Control
Port, device, drive & application control, encryption of media and full disks, and more
What can it do for you?

DriveLock controls the use of all devices. It gives you intelligent control of mobile devices, including digital cameras, MP3 players, cell phones, BlackBerry devices and many others. And that means that you can decide who can use which devices in your network. You can define general rules that apply to all devices of the same type and create detailed whitelist and blacklist rules for specific devices or models. DriveLock Standard enforces these rules throughout your network to help you prevent network instability and the loss of important data.

This product covers also the following themes: Data FilteringPort ControlAuditing Devices & DrivesEncryption of Full DisksApplication ControlEncryption of Removable MediaNetwork ProfilesShadowing Features:
  • Dynamically locks removable devices (USB memory sticks, floppy disks, CD-ROM, etc.)

  • Locks most types of devices (Bluetooth, Palm, Windows Mobile, Smartphones, card readers, imaging devices, network adapters, modems, sound, video and game controllers, cameras, printers and more)

  • Locks most types of ports, including USB controllers, 1394/Firewire controllers, PCMCIA controllers, infrared controllers, serial (COM) and parallel (LPT) ports

  • Configurable whitelists to allow access to devices (device type or device model)

  • Specific storage devices can be controlled based on their serial numbers

  • Separate access lists can be defined for every single device or group of devices

  • Access can be granted to any user or group

  • Fully integrated with Active Directory and Group Policy

  • Also supports most other network operating systems, including Novell NetWare and Linux

  • Policy enforcement dynamically adjusts permissions when another user logs on

  • Assign drive letters to removable drives to avoid conflicts with network drives

  • File filter to allow or deny coping of specific file types

  • Auditing of files that are read from or written to removable drives

  • Shadowing of files keeps a full record of the content of files that are copied to or from removable drives

  • Separate configuration of Read and Write access for removable drives

  • Drive access rules can be based on drive size or encryption status

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