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Application Control
Port, device, drive & application control, encryption of media and full disks, antivirus
What can it do for you?

With DriveLock Application Launch Filter (ALF) Edition you can control who can run which application. You can also make programs available only when a computer is connected to a specific network. The high flexibility and ease of configuration of the DriveLock ALF Edition combine to make it an invaluable tool for making your network more secure. Flexible whitelist and blacklist rules allow for unparalleled granular control. It enforces comprehensive policies for application usage.
With DriveLock ALF you can also block the execution of applications running on a computer or in a Terminal Services session.
DriveLock ALF protects your network against zero-day exploits and Trojan Horse programs by allowing only authorized programs to be used. With the auditing mode you can monitor application use and get a complete picture of who is running which programs in your network.

This product covers also the following themes: Data FilteringDevice ControlPort ControlAuditing Devices & DrivesEncryption of Full DisksEncryption of Removable MediaNetwork ProfilesShadowing Features:

DriveLock Application Launch Filter has a continually updated online database of millions of applications which makes configuration of the DriveLock Application Launch Filter (ALF) extremely easy. The same ease of use applies to updating the DriveLock ALF in your internal network. The Application Scan feature makes an administrator’s job even easier. You can scan a computer that is configured according to company standards and then apply the same configuration to all other computers in the network.

More features:

  • Comprehensive control over who can start which programs
  • Flexible combination of whitelists and blacklists
  • Auditing of all application usage 
  • Easy administration of allowed applications using application hash databases
  • Online hash database with millions of application hash values
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