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Why Windows 7 alone is not enough

This whitepaper compares the limited protection that is included in Windows 7 with the comprehensive protection mechanisms and functionality of DriveLock 7.

Threats from Mobile Devices

The popularity of mobile devices, especially storage devices poses new risks to corporate data. This whitepaper presents an overview of these risks and assesses the available protection mechanisms.

DriveLock Scenarios

Read an comprehensive overview on common security threats and how DriveLock and its rich feature set can be used to protect against them.

Device Control in Windows Vista

Identifying shortcomings of Microsoft Vista for device control.

DriveLock in Novell Environments

DriveLock throughout the enterprise, this whitepaper also describes best practices and examples of policy settings to help you achieve the specific needs of your organization.

Lessons learned from security breaches

TJX, Fidelity Financial, Boeing, and the Georgia Department of Health Services have experienced of the largest cases of information theft and disclosure of customer data. This whitepaper highlights some of the details of each of these cases and highlights
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