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DriveLock 7 Brochure

The Threat. Your data is secure. Are you sure? Why do we ask? Three current trends require new approaches to data security. Decentralization, Mobility and (In)Security.

DriveLock Terminal & Virtual overview

DriveLock Terminal and Virtual License. DriveLock and Windows Embedded. DriveLock and Thin-Cients without software installation. DriveLock and Wyse Thin-Clients with Linux V6. DriveLock and Igel Thin-Clients. DriveLock for Thin-Client vendors with Linux-operating systems.

DriveLock 7 Brochure - Secure your data

DriveLock 7 brochure "Secure your data", contains uses cases and scenarios where DriveLock helps to protect sensitive information. DriveLock increases the security awareness of users, protects against data theft and audits security breaches.

DriveLock Antivirus Brochure

DriveLock Antivirus combines an award-winning antivirus engine with the DriveLock Management Console for easy central management. The enginge has a long proven track record of blocking virtually any type of malware, including worms, spyware and trojans.

DriveLock 7 - Functionality in detail

This brochure provides technical details on the multi-layer data protection features in DriveLock 7 and provides an overview on the rich functionality of the new DriveLock version.

DriveLock 6 Brochure

Describes features and benefits of DriveLock. File size: 883 K. Date: Tue 04/27/2010.

DriveLock 6 What is new

Overview of new features of DriveLock 6 Release date:3/28/2010 | File size:136 KB | Language: English |

DriveLock Flyer

A 6 pages flyer about DriveLock.

DriveLock Editions Overview

A short and handy overview of available DriveLock editions about which main features are present in which edition.

DriveLock Datasheet

A brochure about DriveLock, what it is and what it can do.
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