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8MAN Arguments at a glance

8MAN is a centralised solution for the entire organisation. - Simplification and improved transparency in many departments: IT Administrators, Helpdesk, General departments (Data owner), Security and Risk Officers, Auditors. - Integration to all fileservers and sharepoints worldwide. - Local administration with logging of all changes (allowing management to review centrally/in HQ). - Standardised process and automation of access rights world wide. - Standardised verification of access rights situation by including individual departments in process –improved awareness, accuracy and transparency.

A valuable solution for many departments

8MAN centralises, analyses and visualises access rights of Active Directory and file servers and standardises their allocation process. The fact that 8MAN is making the administrator’s daily life a lot easier is only one of its many values. As the more complex the structure of a business is and the more departments are involved with the management of access rights, the more a company can benefit from the vast functionality offered by 8MAN. Furthermore 8MAN’s implementation process – unlike with identity management systems – is more of a snap, so stop thinking years and start thinking hours.

8MAN Access Governance

8MAN is a complete solution for managing access to data. Our software improves internal data security by providing a transparent overview and full reporting of access rights on file servers. It allows full control of SharePoint, Active Directory, as well as all administrative tasks in the creation and management of users, groups and directories. Discover a completely new way of managing roles and delegating responsibilities. Our unique Data Owner concept enables you to give business users the power to manage access to their data without requiring other administrative rights.

8MAN Logga

Monitoring your critical data in file server and Active Directory. In the current business environment, there is a growing need for organisations to provide seamless and transparent information sharing amongst employees. However, this is often at odds with complex regulatory and privacy requirements that mean systems need to be in place to prevent data breaches and unauthorised access to information. With 8MAN Logga, organisations can quickly and easily monitor critical and sensitive data access and manipulation, thereby allowing information sharing while ensuring data integrity and security. FS-Logga monitors Windows and NetApp file servers, while AD Logga documents all changes of objects within Active Directory.

8MAN SharePoint

Access File structure permissions in SharePoint environments are highly complex. Their review and proper assignment can be arduous and time-consuming. For most organisations, the ability to easily track changes and get a complete overview of all access rights in a clearly understandable way has so far been elusive. With 8MAN, SharePoint permissions can be reviewed in context and displayed in a visually intuitive and concise manner. 8MAN now brings clarity and transparency not only to file servers and Active Directory, but to SharePoint as well.

8MAN for vSphere

Thanks to private cloud technology, IT infrastructure is more easily accessed at any time, however this availability comes with unique risks. In the past most security for Server racks usually involved a secured room. The room would be locked and have its own key. On today’s virtual machines keys are virtual and far more complicated. These virtual keys can be poorly defined, resulting in too many or unwarranted permissions. In this case users that would normally only have limited access, can now erase or even copy an entire server Image. There are roughly 300 different types of access rights on virtual machines. Tracking groups or group memberships in order to detect redundant access rights is a seemingly endless, almost impossible job.
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