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NetCrunch 7 License Installation Manual

Licenses installation procedure.

Monitoring Windows

Monitoring Windows with NetCrunch 7.1.2.

How to Set Network Dependency

Tutorial. Network dependency explains relations between the nodes in your network. For example, for nodes behind a switch, it only makes sense to monitor them when the switch is up and responding. If the switch goes down, network dependency can automatically disable monitoring of all nodes that are connected to this switch. You will only receive single important information about the switch down instead of dozens of messages about nodes and services down that are dependent on this switch.

How to Monitore Free Disc Space

Tutorial. Running out of free disk space on the server where important application is hosted not only disrupts the performance of employees or customers who use it to accomplish their daily tasks, but can result in serious data loss, or even crash the entire server. NetCrunch makes it easy for you act before such situation takes place. You can use the predefined rule to monitor free space of C: drive in NetCrunch, or create a new one for monitoring applications running on another drive (D; E etc.).

How to Create a Report for Bandwidth

Tutorial. You can benefit not only from real-time network monitoring in NetCrunch, but also use the gathered statistics for network capacity planning or migration analysis. Such reports are also great for root cause analysis while troubleshooting. Here’s how you can use bandwidth utilization report to pinpoint the source of the decreased available bandwidth on some workstations connected to particular switch.

How to Create a New Dynamic Custom View

Tutorial. In larger or more diversified networks viewing particular types or groups of nodes in the separate view can help in network management or in troubleshooting. When more than one user is using NetCrunch, it can be helpful to create customized view for specific user, for example to display nodes located in particular office, or display Windows servers only.

NetCrunch Upgrade Manual 5.3 to 6.x

Upgrading the program version requires installing NetCrunch Server 6 on a machine where NetCrunch 5.3 is already installed but it is not running. If NetCrunch 5.3 is already removed, it should be installed again. In the case an older program version is used, it is necessary to upgrade it to NetCrunch 5.3. This requirement is critical for the program to keep the configurations of atlases, the monitoring data, as well as the previously defined settings when upgrading to NetCrunch 6.x.

NetCrunch 6 License Installation Manual

The new client/server architecture of the AdRem NetCrunch Premium and Premium XE editions consists of the following components: ♦ AdRem NetCrunch Server – contains all program components (AdRem NetCrunch Administration Console, AdRem NetCrunch Web Server and AdRem NetCrunch Connection Broker) and database for storing all data of created network atlases. It is installed on selected by the user network machine running Windows operating system. ♦ AdRem NetCrunch Administration Console – it is the Graphical User Interface which allows managing all tasks related to network monitoring. It is distributed in a separate installation file along with AdRem NetCrunch Connection Broker. Therefore, it can be installed on many network machines running Windows operating system. ♦ AdRem NetCrunch Connection Broker – it is a small application which allows establishing the connection of NetCrunch Administration Consoles to NetCrunch Server. It also allows managing the list of connections to many NetCrunch Servers and receiving desktop notifications from them. ♦ AdRem NetCrunch Web Server – allows accessing the NetCrunch Server via Web browser.

NetCrunch 6 User's Guide

This guide is intended for network administrators and other professionals in charge of managing enterprise networks. It will demonstrate how to use the extensive visualization, monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities delivered by AdRem NetCrunch to monitor corporate networks in a cost and time-efficient manner. Because this manual generally applies to TCP/IP networks, from here on the term “network” will be used to mean specifically TCP/IP networks, unless otherwise indicated.
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