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Case Study De Twentse Health Care

“NetCrunch helped us big time finding the problem with a main HRM application that we use. The supplier pointed to our network being the cause of the problem, but with NetCrunch we were able to trace the problem back to the application itself. Thank you for that". Frank Peters, De Twentse Zorgcentra.

Case Study MEA Meisinger

"Before NetCrunch, we had to use multiple vendor-specific tools to glean the current status of different devices. With NetCrunch, that's not a problem. A quick look at a map shows you the malfunctioning hosts. By clicking on the problem device, you can

Case Study University of Kentucky

"Our WAN people were so impressed by this tool that they are looking at it for the entire network. The program they've spent thousands of dollars on takes forever to setup and doesn't give them everything that NetCrunch gives me in a timely manner."
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