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Netwrix Privilege Secure
Netwrix Privilege Secure
Secured Privilege Activity with Just-In-Time Access
Why try & buy?

Minimize security risk related to privileged access, enhance team performance and pass audits with less effort.

Other privileged account management solutions attempt to slap band-aids on the inherently risky approach of using standing admin accounts. With Netwrix Privilege you can minimize your attack surface by replacing standing privileges with on-demand accounts.

Save time and money with a solution that installs in minutes and typically runs on existing infrastructure. Everything you need is included in one reasonable license — you won’t face extra fees for add-ons for databases, appliances, proxies, high availability or other common needs.

Keep using the tools you know, such as RDP/SHH clients, Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) or your current password vault, but make your processes more secure by integrating these products with Netwrix Privilege Secure. 

Product description:

Users with privileged access to an organization’s systems and networks pose a special threat. Since privileged accounts are so powerful, a single misuse or compromise can lead to a data breach or costly business disruption. With Netwrix Privilege Secure, you can dramatically reduce this risk while ensuring individual accountability and hard evidence for auditors.

Privileged Account Management (1st of 1 themes)

What can it do for you?

Reduces attack surface by removing standing privileged accounts that can be compromized by attackers. Enables admins to efficiently accomplish their tasks while enforcing accountability. Avoids audit findings and provide solid proof that privileged activity is not creating security risks.


Emphemeral Privilege Accounts

Shrink your attack surface by eliminating standing privilege. Instead, create on-demand accounts that have just enough access to do the job at hand and are deleted automatically afterward.

Access Approval and Certification

Ensure all privileged activity is legitimate and performed by a trusted user with workflows for approving or denying requests for privileged access and regularly certifying privileged users’ rights.

Session Monitoring and Recording

See exactly what privileged activity is happening across your systems, live or retrospectively, to spot policy violations, or collect evidence during investigations.

Cleanup of Privileged Access Artifacts

Mitigate the risk of Golden Ticket and related attacks with automatic purging of Kerberos tickets after each privileged session. Avoid unsanctioned remote connections by automatically disabling RDP on the server once an administrative task is completed.

Service Account Management

Safeguard service accounts by rotating their passwords from one place; receive an alert if the process is disrupted so you can pause it and roll back any unwanted changes.

Zero Trust Privileged Access

Validate identities by enforcing contextual multifactor authentication (MFA) each time an admin requests a privileged session, using granular policies for specific activities and resources.

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