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Access Rights for fileservers, SharePoint and Active Directory
Fabricant : protected-networks
Infrastructure: Windows, SharePoint, Active Directory
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8MAN est rapide et facile à utiliser. Changer vos jours en heures pour établir vos rapports et vos analyses. Pour le rapport coût-efficacité nous proposons des modèles simples de calcul de rendement de votre investissement.

Description du produit:

8MAN est une solution logicielle intégrée qui accroit de manière intuitive la transparence des droits Active Directory, des accès actuels et historiques aux serveurs de fichiers et aux serveurs Sharepoint. 8MAN permet également de gérer intégralement les droits d'accès.

Access Rights Management (1er de 1 thèmes)

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Que peut-il vous apporter? Displays and reports: - Which users (trainees, temporary or permanent employees) can access a given directory? - Which directories can a given user access on your file servers? - How often can a user access a file or directory? - In how many different ways can a user access a file or directory? - Which directories can be accessed by everyone? - Who was able to access a directory on a given date? - Why were access rights granted, when and by whom? 8MAN allows you also to: - Create users and groups - Assign and revoke fileserver and directory access rights - Assign temporary access rights - Manage AD group memberships
Caractéristiques: Browse permissions. The 8MAN graphical interface displays the existing rights situation in AD group structures, NTFS permissions and SharePoint, down to the individual user level. This provides a quick and simple overview of current rights structures in the form of a graph, list or tree structure, depending on your preference. Access reports. Seemingly simple questions like “Who actually has access to this directory?” or “Which folders are available to Mrs. Smith?” are extremely difficult to answer if limited to native tools. Using 8MAN you can easily run reports on all file server and SharePoint environ-ments. This is done automatically and effortlessly and can easily show and document where users or groups have full, limited or even no access. Scan Comparison - Understanding change The scan comparison shows the differences between two points in time, enabling an easy display of before-after comparisons. Search? - Find. The ever-present 8MAN search bar offers convenient access to all objects and resources instantaneously, even without knowing the AD container or file server they reside on. Dashboard – Central Information. All in one place: KPIs across all resources such as; empty AD groups, unresolvable SIDs, recursions, nested groups, token size and much more. Temporary permissions – Dynamic and Secure. Project staff, trainees or temporary employees usually need their access rights for only a limited period of time. Through 8MAN’s temporary access rights, provided rights or group memberships are automatically withdrawn after a predefined period of time. Group wizard - Clear structures, automatically. Structured naming conventions are enforced when groups are being created, thus making the adherence to corporate polices and predefined naming schemes a breeze. Data owner - security through expert knowledge. Department heads and their executives know which permissions are relevant for their employees. The 8MAN Data Owner functionality allows department heads themselves to decide on defined processes concerning who can access their files and directories. Scenarios - Direct access to reports Quick Buttons on the home page display the access rights of system users such as ”EVERYONE” and also provide information on “who has access where?”. Desired reports can be automatically provided and scheduled. Global logbook - understanding what happen. All actions performed within 8MAN are recorded in a global logbook, with associated comments or notes displayed. Information can be filtered and formatted as required. Inactive Users - discover the overlooked Identifying inactive users, empty groups or computers which have never been logged in is a complex and cumbersome, but important security-related task. By providing appropriate reports 8MAN supports this task thereby improving adherence to regulatory guidelines such as PCI DSS, ISO or SOX.