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Shavlik Patch
Shavlik Patch
Deploying 3rd party updates with SCCM
Infrastructure: SCCM
Why try & buy?

Reduce your 3rd Party Patching workload. Patch Apple, Adobe and much more. Start deploying 3rd party updates in minutes with SCCM.

The importance of patching 3rd party applications has skyrocketed. Microsoft provides System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) so SCCM can deliver updates for non-Microsoft applications like Adobe Reader®, Firefox®, and others. But SCUP requires system admins to dedicate hours of research to provide the logic for detecting each product and determining if an update is needed. Shavlik lifts this time-consuming and burdensome task off the shoulders of system admins by providing the
Shavlik Patch. The Shavlik Patch contains update information from multiple vendors in a single file.

Shavlik has done the research so your admins don’t have to! Many skilled IT pros can create and publish patch metadata, but it is extremely difficult and very time consuming to create the detection logic that eliminates false positives.
Shavlik Patch lifts this time-consuming burden off the backs of administrators and puts it into the expert hands of the Shavlik Patch Data Team.

Product description:

Maximizes investment in SCCM.

  • Fills Gaps. Shavlik Patch fills SCCM/WSUS gaps.
  • Total Coverage. Shavlik Patch extends SCCM beyond current
    Microsoft products to patch today’s most attacked
  • Accuracy. Shavlik is the recognized industry expert when it
    comes to accurate patch detection and deployment.
  • Time. Shavlik Patch puts time back in the day of system
    administrators. The
    Shavlik Patch Data Team does the work so your
    administrators don’t have to.

Shavlik Patch

Non-Microsoft Apps

  • Adobe Flash Player 10
  • Adobe Flash Player 9
  • Adobe Reader 9
  • Adobe Shockwave
  • Apple
  • Citrix Presentation Server
  • 4.5 for WS03 (x64 and x86)
  • Mozilla Firefox 2 and 3
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 2
  • Sun (JRE)
  • And many more...

Microsoft Legacy Apps

  • Access 2000
  • Excel 2000
  • ISA Server 2000
  • Office 2000
  • Outlook 2000
  • PowerPoint 2000
  • Publisher 2000
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8.0
  • Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • Microsoft Word 2000

Patch deployment SCCM add-in for Non-Microsoft updates (1st of 1 themes)

What can it do for you?

Start deploying 3rd party updates in minutes with System Center Configuration Manager. SCCM does a great job of distributing software and deploying updates for the latest Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft applications like Office 2007. What about Adobe Reader and hundreds of other vulnerable applications? Shavlik Patch address a major business pain (keeping up with 3rd party updates) and puts time back into your IT admin’s schedule.


It’s simple to use Shavlik Patch, no research required.

1. Just download Shavlik Patch.
2. Import the
Shavlik Patch into SCUP and sync to a configured updates server.
3. Use SCCM to select the products you want to detect and patch. SCCM does the rest according to your established polices!

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